A Growth Investment.

Franchise Holdings is positioned for revenue growth and will uplist to the CSE early 2019.

About FNHI

Franchise Holdings International creates and invests knowledge and capital into proven businesses to become innovative fast growing market disruptors.

Current Revenue Force

Franchise Holdings International is the proud owner of Worksport LTD, a fast growing innovative tonneau cover manufacturer.

Canadian Stock Exchange Coming

Soon to be dual listed on the OTCQB and the CSE (Canadian Stock Exchange).

Proven Business Model

Franchise Holdings International has proven their business model and secured the required capital for revenue growth.

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What is most exciting about investing in FNHI now?

Franchise Holdings International has proven their business model and secured the required capital for revenue growth. With this the companies growth is positioned for blue skies, in matter a fact its happening as we speak. Beside the huge up potential in terms of the companies valuation with growing revenues and the upcoming CSE listing (Canadian Stock Exchange) there is also a great potential for a future buy out. Most tonneau cover manufactures are bought out by some of the mayor players and some where not half as innovative as FNHI with its subsidiary Worksport who is now one of the last and fastest growing independent truck bed manufacturers. View a list of acquired tonneau cover manufacturers.

Highly qualified team and Capital Investors

Gunpowder Capital Corp. (Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange CSE: GPC) has agreed to fund up to $450,000 post CSE listing to fund inventory purchases on top of recently received private investments valued up to $475,000 USD. Gunpowder Capital’s support and commitment will accelerate revenue growth even more for FNHI.

Paul Haber, director at Gunpowder Capital stated in the October conference call that in their vision revenue growth to $2-3 Million is a no brainer for the coming 24 months and that they are here for 50M+ revenues within the next 5 years. Steven Rossi, CEO of Franchise Holdings International has positioned the company for explosive revenue growth and has the ambition to prepare FNHI for the Nasdaq after the Canadian Stock Exchange and revenue goals have been accomplished.

Invest in Growth. 

Four growing markets, one innovative growing company with huge events coming on the short term. Read all about the related markets and investment opportunity in OTCQB:FNHI

Market and Opportunity FNHI